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We will always do our best to fulfill and hopefully even exceed your photography needs. But it’s often best for everyone to have a few things written down so that we both know who, what, where, when and how.


You acknowledge that Camille Pernod R. Photography (the “Photographer”) is the author of the Image(s) and also the first and sole owner of all copyrights of the Image(s). The Image(s) and all copyrights remain the exclusive property of Photographer without limitation. No electronic publishing, or Internet use, of any kind is permitted unless specifically stated. It is a criminal offense to copy, screen grab, scan or reproduce photographs without the prior written consent of the Photographer.


“Image(s)” means the photographic material, whether still or moving, created by Photographer pursuant to this Agreement.

Once you have purchased digital files you are granted a license to use your Images for personal use. Your purchased files can then be used for sharing with your friends and family on social media sites, for updating model or acting portfolios and printing out for yourself, family and friends. These Images are not to be sold or given to any third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the Photographer.

Images that are purchased as digital files are not to be altered in any ways that change the integrity of the Image without the prior consent of the Photographer.


Unless otherwise agreed, Photographer retains the right to use the Image(s) for his self-promotion. As such, Images taken in photographic sessions may be used by the Photographer for display or marketing purposes. This could include social media, marketing literature, or galleries on the website. If you prefer your or your child’s images not to be displayed in this way, please let the Photographer know in writing when you book your photographic session.


A $50 fee is payable when you book your photographic session and this secures your date and time in the dairy. This fee in non-refundable but fully transferable to another date if at least 2 days’ notice is given (48h). This does not include illness as I understand this can happen. I always prefer to re-schedule appointment due to illness, as I want to get the very best images of you or your child. Your booking fee will be deducted from the cost of your photographic session, the balance of which is payable before uploading final digital files.


The use of video recording and your own camera is forbidden during your photographic session.


For minors: Parents, during the session, you can stay with his child, or wait behind the curtains, but you must remain very discreet and quiet to not disturb him/her and not interfere the session. If you child is not comfortable with your presence, you can wait in the room next door. In this case, and for security reasons, the session will be registered. This film is not for sale, it will be kept for insurance record.



Unless otherwise agreed, the use of any Image(s) prior to full payment will be considered an unauthorized use. Client agrees that the reasonable and stipulated amount that will be paid to Photographer for such an unauthorized use will double the invoice total.


All invoices are due upon receipt. Provided that Photographer has executed the photography assignment in a professional and competent manner, Client agrees to pay Photographer all fees and expenses in connection with said assignment, whether or not Client uses any Image(s).

By booking a photographic session at Camille Pernod R. Photography you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions. Thank you for your respect.

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